Regardless of your plan type (including free plans), you can connect an unlimited number of AWS accounts to CloudSploit. When first connected, these accounts will have upgraded features disabled, and you will only be able to initiate on-demand scans. To enable the paid features, you must first upgrade your account to one of our paid plans. Once you do, you will be able to select a subset of the connected accounts to upgrade to using the Basic, Plus, or Premium features. Your plan type determines the number of upgrades allowed. For example, a Free account could connect 50 AWS accounts, upgrade to Basic for 5 accounts, and then upgrade 5 of the 50 accounts. To upgrade an additional account, you must either downgrade one of the 5 or upgrade to 6 Basic connections.

While we do allow an unlimited number of connected accounts, we do require that these accounts be valid (have a valid AWS account / IAM role) and be scanned at least once per year.