By default, every account has a "Default" group which all users and connected accounts are part of (and cannot be removed). Standard plan users have the ability to create additional groups, usually done based on business units or teams using the same CloudSploit account. Within each group, there are group admins and group users. Group users are essentially read-only, while group admins have the ability to add or remove connected accounts and related scans for the group, and edit its users. Account admins (essentially "super admins") have access to all groups and settings within the account. To add a new group and then edit its users and permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Users & Groups" page.
  2. Click "Add Group".
  3. Enter a name for the group and save.
  4. By default, the group will not have any users. To edit users and their permissions, click "Edit" next to the group.
  5. Next to each user, you can change their group membership from "None" to "Admin" or "User" depending on the desired permissions level.