Beginning September 10th, 2016, CloudSploit's paid plans will be undergoing a change in naming to better align with our various offerings. Please note that there will be no changes to existing pricing or features, with the exception of additional discounts when a plan is pre-paid for the year. Please contact us if the below FAQ does not answer all of your questions.

What changes are being made?

We are renaming the "Pro" plan to "Basic;" the "Business" plan to "Plus;" and adding an additional "Premium" plan. The pricing for the plans is the same - $8/month for Basic, $40/month for Plus, and $110/month for the new Premium plan. The features provided in our plans have not changed. We are adding the ability to pay for a year of service upfront, in exchange for a 10% discount.

Why did you make this change?

To us, the names "Pro" and "Business" did not accurately reflect the services being offered. In many cases, individuals could benefit from the features of a Business plan, while some Businesses may have only needed those offered by the "Pro" plan. We felt that these names restricted user signups based on their organization type rather than features required. Finally, we wanted to provide room for additional features, now presented in our "Premium" plan (features commonly requested by Enterprises).

What about discounts for large numbers of accounts?

We will continue to provide discounts if you are connecting numerous AWS accounts with CloudSploit. Please contact us if you're adding more than 10 accounts.

Are there new discounts in effect?
Yes - if you sign up for a year of service, we immediately apply a savings of 10%, regardless of how many account upgrades you're connecting.

The price shown on my settings page does not reflect what I'm being charged.

If you signed up for a paid plan before September and had contacted us regarding discounts for a large number of connections, your custom pricing will continue to be in effect. However, the price shown on the settings page may be more than this price. If you believe you're not being charged correctly, please open a support ticket.