CloudSploit Events is real-time security for your AWS accounts. Events hooks into the AWS API event stream via CloudWatch Events and analyzes AWS API calls as they are made. These API calls include almost every event that represents a security consideration - security group changes, updates to logging, creation of new API keys, changes to the account login policy, and many more. CloudSploit Events provides continuous monitoring of these Events by analyzing the full API call for potentially risky behavior.

With CloudSploit Events, you can get notified of security incidents within seconds. Events integrates with all of CloudSploit's third-party integrations including Slack, SNS, and OpsGenie. You can create custom rules that match the operating policies for your accounts.

Getting started with Events is simple, but first, you must be a Premium Plan user of CloudSploit. We'll walk you through the steps of launching a CloudFormation template within your account that will create all of the necessary resources.