After upgrading your account to a paid plan, you now have the ability to enable CloudSploit's background scans. These scans are not enabled automatically because you can decide which accounts to enroll.

CloudSploit's plans are based on the number of upgraded accounts. You can connect an unlimited number of accounts to CloudSploit, then upgrade a select number of them based on your plan. For example, you can connect 50 AWS accounts to CloudSploit, upgrade to a Premium Plan x5 and then selectively upgrade 5 of the 50.

To enroll an account in background scanning (after upgrading the account plan), navigate to the "AWS Accounts" page. From there, click the button under "Upgraded Features."

As long as you have available slots in your plan, you will be asked to confirm the upgrade.

Following the enrollment, background scanning will begin within 10 minutes and your scans can be found on the "Scans" page.