CloudSploit supports AWS GovCloud accounts through the same connection process as standard accounts.

Account Connection Process

Follow these steps to connect your GovCloud account to CloudSploit:

1. Log into the CloudSploit console and navigate to the "AWS Accounts" page.

2. At the top right, click "Connect New AWS Account."

3. Enter a name for your GovCloud account, select a CloudSploit group to place it in, and check the box for "This is an AWS GovCloud Account."

4. Click "Next" and select a setup method. We recommend the CloudFormation method, as it is the simplest.

5. Follow the steps for the remainder of the setup process. Once your account is connected, you will be redirected back to the accounts page.

Background Scanning

Once your GovCloud account is connected, you must enroll it in background scanning if your account plan supports it. Return to the AWS Accounts page and click the "Unlicensed" button next to your account to change it to "Licensed" and begin the scans.


CloudSploit GovCloud accounts work identically to other AWS accounts within CloudSploit with the exception of CloudSploit Events, which is not yet supported. Integrations, alerts, suppressions, and scan reports are all supported.

If you have any questions about onboarding your GovCloud account, please contact our support team.