CloudSploit added integration support for Microsoft Teams on Feb 9, 2019. With MS Teams support, CloudSploit can send scan reports, scan alerts, and event alerts directly to a Teams room. To create a Teams integration, follow the below steps:

1. Log into Microsoft Teams and click "Apps" on the bottom left.

2. Search for "webhook" and click the "Incoming Webhook" utility.

3. Add the utility to your team and click "Install."

4. Select the channel you'd like to use and then click "Set Up."

5. Provide a name for the connection (we recommend "CloudSploit") and upload an image. You can use this image as an icon. Click "Create" when you are finished.

6. Copy and save the webhook URL that Teams generates. You will need this URL later.

7. Log into the CloudSploit dashboard and navigate to the "Integrations" page.

8. On the right side, under "Add New Integration," select "Microsoft Teams" from the drop-down. Provide a name for your integration and paste the webhook you copied from Teams earlier.

9. Click "Submit" to save.

10. You can now configure report deliveries, alerts, and event routings from the associated settings pages within the dashboard.