CloudSploit's scan reports contain a wealth of data related to the security control and findings detected in the account. For example, the report lists the cloud service (e.g. AWS S3 or Azure Blob Store), the impacted region, the affected resource, if applicable, as well as additional details about the test and remediation information.

As of July, 2019, CloudSploit scans now also show historical context for the associated finding. This allows you to not only see the current status of a result, but also the past 50 statuses for the same finding.

For example, if a report contains the following finding:

you can now expand the row to show a table containing historical data on the same finding:

In the above example, the current finding is a WARN, but the chart shows that in the previous scan the finding was a FAIL. The same concept applies for any result transition (PASS -> FAIL, FAIL -> WARN, etc) and can be useful to find the first occurrence of a finding in its current state (for example: finding exactly when an access key was used or the root user logged in).

To access historical context, simply click any of the result rows in the scan report dashboard to expand the full finding data.