As of October 28th, 2019, CloudSploit support for Azure has exited beta and is in general availability (GA). During the beta period, CloudSploit did not charge for Azure subscriptions that were connected to CloudSploit, regardless of plan level. As part of the move to GA, CloudSploit will now begin charging for these subscriptions on November 30th, 2019.

For users with existing Azure subscriptions that were connected during the beta, you have several options:

1. Downgrade the Azure connections - The accounts will no longer consume a paid CloudSploit subscription, but will not have access to paid features including stored scan and compliance reports and automatic background scans.

2. Leave your accounts as-is - On November 30th, CloudSploit will convert all Azure connections to a paying CloudSploit subscription up to the current number of allowed subscriptions. Any accounts that exceed the number of allowed subscriptions will be downgraded.

3. Upgrade the number of subscriptions in your account - Upgrading the number of subscriptions in your account will allow the current connected Azure accounts to continue functioning as-is after November 30th.


  • User A is currently on a Premium Plan with 10 subscriptions
  • User A connected 10 AWS accounts (consuming the 10 subscriptions) and 5 Azure accounts (free during the beta).
  • On November 30th, the 5 additional Azure accounts either need to be downgraded or User A must upgrade to a Premium Plan with 15 subscriptions.