Yes. Realtime scans can be run in two modes:

  1. Ephemeral Mode
  2. Background Mode

For both modes, the scan is triggered via the API and an ID is returned. That ID can be polled (results may take up to 5 minutes to complete) and results are returned via the API.

However, in ephemeral mode, results are not saved as reports in the dashboard and cannot be accessed after the scan is complete. In background mode, the scan results returned to the API are also saved as a report that is accessible via the dashboard for historical purposes.

The default realtime scan mode is ephemeral. To use background mode, simply pass "save": true to the POST request (see the full API documentation here).

Scan reports that have been run via background mode will appear in the dashboard with a "realtime" tag:

Please note that regardless of "save" settings, the realtime scan being performed must reference a "key_id" for a cloud account that has been onboarded and licensed with CloudSploit.