On June 4, 2020 between 09:03:00 and 13:48:28 UTC, Azure's API experienced an issue that resulted in the following error message:

Unable to query for Network Security Groups: The resource type 'networkSecurityGroups' could not be found in the namespace 'Microsoft.Network' for api version '2020-04-01'. The supported api-versions are '2014-12-01-preview,2015-05-01-preview,2015-06-15,2016-03-30,2016-06-01,2016-07-01,2016-08-01,2016-09-01,2016-10-01,2016-11-01,2016-12-01,2017-03-01,2017-04-01,2017-06-01,2017-08-01,2017-09-01,2017-10-01,2017-11-01,2018-01-01,2018-02-01,2018-03-01,2018-04-01,2018-05-01,2018-06-01,2018-07-01,2018-08-01,2018-10-01,2018-11-01,2018-12-01,2019-02-01,2019-04-01,2019-06-01,2019-07-01,2019-08-01,2019-09-01,2019-11-01,2019-12-01,2020-01-01,2020-03-01'.

This issue affected all of Azure's networking APIs, used by a variety of plugins in Aqua CSPM's scanning service. Approximately 5% of Aqua CSPM customers using Azure were impacted. We released an update as a workaround for this issue at 13:48:29 UTC.

Azure reported the incident but has not yet provided any further details: