Beginning July 21st, 2020, Aqua’s CSPM offering will be undergoing a pricing change. The new pricing introduces four plans. All plans will be available for annual billing only. For the immediate timeframe existing paying customers will have the choice to stay with their current plan or switch to one of the new available plans.

What are the price changes? 

The new pricing introduces four available plans:

  • Developer plan: Personal use and learning purposes. The Developer plan is Free and provides monthly scans, on-demand cloud account scans, and in-browser reports.
  • Team plan: Small teams. Limited scope cloud native environments. Everything in Developer plus daily cloud scans, 25 users, and basic support.
  • Advanced plan: Larger teams. Larger scale cloud native environments. Everything in Team plus SAML support, 75 users, better data retention.
  • Premier plan: Large-scale cloud native environments. The most complete plan includes everything in Advanced plus enterprise features & terms.

Each plan also includes a certain capacity of secured resources included in the plan. The concept of the secured resources is explained separately here.  

How will this change impact existing paying customers?

Existing paying customers can remain on their existing plan for at least the next 12 months with the same capacity and the same feature set provided prior to July 21st, 2020.

However, new features will become available only in the new plans. In addition, starting the end of September 2020, existing customers planning to purchase additional capacity (i.e. adding additional cloud accounts) will be required to move to one of the new plans.

Effective immediately, existing paying customers will also have the option to migrate to one of the new plans if they choose to do so. To learn more about your options please navigate to your Plans & Billing page and follow the instructions there.


How will this change impact existing customers on the Free plan? 

Existing customers on the Free plan will be automatically migrated to the new Developer plan. The new Developer plan is available at no cost. Unlike the legacy Free plan, the new Developer plan includes a monthly scheduled scan. Please note that the new Developer plan supports one 1 cloud account, 500 secured resource, and supports up to 5 users.


More information regarding the new pricing will be available in the Aqua Security public pricing page.