Welcome to this quarterly product update, where we share our recent announcements as well as look back at several key product updates that have been made available over the past three months.


Like previous quarters, this has been a very busy quarter for the Aqua team. We want to thank you again for the numerous conversations, collaboration, and insights. The Aqua Customer community continues to be our source of inspiration. Specifically, your active participation in our Preview programs helped us drive innovation at the speed and quality we do. Please see below a list of key product updates.


New capabilities/announcements:


  • User experience
    We at Aqua are proud of the ease of use of the product. This quarter we continued to focus on user experience improvement. In this release, we have announced our new product name – Aqua Wave and you will notice a number of changes in the user experience.
  • Pricing changes
    Beginning today, our offering will be available under four types of plans: Developer, Team, Advanced, and Premier. Existing paying customers have the choice to stay with their current plan or switch to one of the new available plans. Learn More
  • Remediations
    This is our biggest project for this quarter. We are announcing the general availability of Remediations for AWS. This release follows an extensive Preview period with a number of our enterprise customers. Thank you for your collaboration and contributions to this effort. Remediations is available for customers on the Premier plan. Learn More
  • SOC 2 Type 2
    A new compliance report for Service and Organization Controls (SOC) mapping Trust Services Criteria (TSC) requirements to CSPM plugins. The report is available as a Preview for customers on the Team, Advanced, and Premier plans. Learn More
  • Support for Auditing Suppressed Scan Results
    We have changed how suppressions work. CSPM results that have been suppressed can now be audited via the reports page. Learn More
  • Export Scan Reports to PDF
    Aqua CSPM scan reports can now be exported in PDF format, including an executive summary, scan overview, and detailed results sections. Learn More
  • New Plugins: AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Plugins
    New plugins are being added for several plugins across all cloud providers. Learn More